Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apparently this is a first (insert retarded smiley here)

....What do you put in a first post?? Amazingly (is that a word~?), I don't know. Since certain forces are stopping me from revealing my true identity Metallic-rainbow is just fine or M-r ( pronounced:mm~err). That sounds funny M-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... C:


Maid-sama was on so stfu XD

 I feel an annoyed yet humoured silence, so I just got into watching T.V again, so sue me. I have nothing to state in general, so for such casual 1:30a.m skitter on the key~bored (haha). Let me put this in some simple English:

I draw,
I write,
I drink tea.

End of story.
I don't find any of my drawings considered "ART". But  "pretty" and "nice" are good words to call what I do.

I Have a certain fear of killer clowns and am quite a claustraphobic, but I normally trick myself into thinking that I don't, most people do things like that to escape it.

You either fear everything,
Or fear absolutely nothing,
But thats impossible.

Oh gee I found something to write about.....C:
Well, time is short. And my turn on the underwater ferris wheel is coming to an end
Goodnight C:

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